Advantages Of The Visi Cooler


CHENJIA Visi coolers feature clear glass doors and inte […]

CHENJIA Visi coolers feature clear glass doors and interior lighting for a beautiful presentation of beverages and refrigerated and frozen food. Our coolers and freezers are available in various sizes and clearly showcase products without the need to open the doors.

Some of the features of our Visi cooler:

Energy-effi­cient cooling unit

Eco-friendly refrigerant

Uniform cooling by forced air circulation

Clear product visibility with dual glass

Self-closing door

Visi Coolers are the best way to cooling the products and displaying them at the same time. These Coolers are made of durable design for low-lifetime cost and has simple maintenance and service requirements.

CHENJIA produces the most professional Visi coolers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.