All Like It,Upright Showcase


  Upright Showcase made of tempered glass with the best […]

  Upright Showcase made of tempered glass with the best quality and not easily broken.And keep the product within the safe eating temperature range of a dessert store, restaurant or convenience store.Thanks to the transparent glass panels, these boxes protect your food from air pollution while maintaining full visibility.In general, it can provide elegance and beauty to the environment with much lower investment.

  With automatic defrost you will be free from periodical cleaning of the refrigerator interior, cooling system will keep your products fresh for a long time, prevent them from melting.There are many kind of upright showcase: the basic one is a upright showcase with a glass cover to see the inside.It is equipped with a modern controller to set up the temperature and it is also provide of automatic defrost and more quality features.Creamy and tasty. 

  Working hard on studying all kinds of cooking and eating habits,we devote ourselves to develop various types of energy saving.Sliding door with wheels that can be easily pushed open, thickened with glass edges to make the door not easily deformed.Moreover an inside glasses resistance system is provided to keep the front glass clear from annoy mist.