Chenjia Beverage Cooler-refrigeration Holding Capacity


  They’re either under counter beverage centers, wine c […]

  They’re either under counter beverage centers, wine coolers or refrigerators and they are all built for very different things. A wine cooler and a beverage center are built very similarly in the fact that the temperature controls, while they are accurate, don’t have to be spot on because they’re concerned about the temperature in the bottle or can less than the air temperature. The novelty of having your choice drinks on hand in places like a back patio, basement, or living room, never wears off.

  It’s ok if it varies by a couple degrees plus or minus through the normal operation with the end goal of the interior temperature never changing.Units come in a variety of sizes and those designed for built-in application can be incorporated into existing cabinetry.That’s how you keep your wine stable or your soda or beer stable.

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