Chenjia Ice Cream Showcase-personalized


We are CHENJIA. Please trust our ice cream showcase. We […]

We are CHENJIA. Please trust our ice cream showcase. We strive to reduce prices while ensuring product quality. Buying CHENJIA ice cream showcase is definitely the right decision. If you are interested in our ice cream showcase, please contact us and we look forward to working with you.


The fully enclosed refrigerant compressor unit is characterized by high efficiency, low consumption, and low noise.The cabinet employs double air flue, which ensures quick refrigeration and makes sure the temperature of the entire cabinet is even.The temperature fluctuation for the ice cream in the cabinet can be minimized, which will ensure a stable taste of the ice cream and the taste will not be affected due to temperature fluctuation.


We can supply personalized showcases for your production all with temperature controller and also sale quality refrigeration system and freezer.Ice cream showcase is the best ice cream display freezer. A sleek, modern, and ice cream showcase. The display case is the perfect dipping cabinet for gelato, ice cream, or any frozen products.