Chenjia Upright Showcase-high Product Visibility


  The Upright Showcase include Static Direct Cooling Re […]

  The Upright Showcase include Static Direct Cooling Refrigerator Showcase, Enforced Air Fan Cooling Refrigerator Showcase & Fan Direct Cooling Refrigerator Showcase.Static direct cooling type upright display refrigerator cabient is without a fan in the display fridge to avoid losing of water inside the food,fruit,vegetable stored inside the upright showcase and is more cost-efficiency.The Upright Showcase are made by high quality stucco embossed aluminium panel for fast cooling exchange.We take customer satisfaction and product quality as the first priority for us. We supply reliable warranties and good after-sales services.

  We are CHENJIA. Please trust our upright showcases. We strive to reduce prices while ensuring product quality. Buying a CHENJIA upright showcase is definitely the right decision. If you are interested in our upright showcase, please contact us, we look forward to cooperating with you.