Glass Top Freezer Intended For Self-Service Applications


  This China visi cooler's glass lid ensures maximum pr […]

  This China visi cooler's glass lid ensures maximum product visibility and boasts convenient handles that make it easy to slide open and grab a product.If you're storing items that must be kept at an exact temperature.

  It has high quality refrigeration system that maintains chamber temperature.They can be used to implement those offerings into a checkout line or to glass top freezer important products in a grocery store.

  Glass Top Freezer intended for self-service applications generally are finished with a vinyl exterior, most commonly white or black.Glass top freezer with sliding curved glass doors for ice cream and frozen food promotion.

  Most importantly, it should have features that can maintain product quality for increased customer satisfaction.See-through sides or lids also let you tell at a glance when you need to re-stock.A refrigerator is much more efficient, but it takes up more mudroom or basement real estate, and finding something inside it often involves the unpleasant prospect of digging.