Glass Top Freezer-Long Life And Good After-sales Service


  As manufacturers, we develop China Visi Cooler with l […]

  As manufacturers, we develop China Visi Cooler with large storage capacity, sleek doors, and excellent freezer temperature monitoring facility and install technology which stores food flexibly and conveniently.We are trusted by clients for offering best quality item in reasonable value range.China Visi Cooler.

  Glass Top Freezer are economical freezing, storage and display solutions, ideal for smaller stores which need both refrigeration and display.Glass Top Freezers offer economical freezing, storage, and display solutions, all at the same time.

  They are ideal for both small stores and modern-day large format departmental stores, and for use in parlors and eateries.Products such as frozen ready-to-eat foods, ice-cream packs benefit from visibility leading to impulse purchase.

  The offered China visi cooler is known for its incomparable quality and bother free execution.The company has its own Test center to satisfy customer’s various demands, and make the product at the first-rate level. The products welcomed both domestic and abroad.

  Besides the features already listed under Hard-top Chest Freezers earlier, the Glass Top Freezer offers low-emission imported glass sliding doors on the top, which help in increasing hold time due to their better insulating properties.

  We are trusted by the most critical names in Hospitality, Retail, and Pharmaceutical Industry.The easy-glide glass doors also make it easy for a customer to make a choice and pick personally.