Glass Top Freezer Tall Item Accommodation


  Thermostat knob located on back of the unit so no one […]

  Thermostat knob located on back of the unit so no one can change the settings without you knowing.This beverage cooler is perfect for use in your home, restaurant, cafe, convenience store or ice cream shop.

  Keep delicious leftovers right next to lunch bags and other groceries, and stash crisp produce in the humidity controlled crispers.Glass top freezer perfect for stocking up on snacks, leftovers, lunches and cans of soda for the home or the office.

  Glass Top Freezer tall item accommodation on the bottom shelf means more space for bottles of wine and water.All glass top freezers of our company are certified and continuous quality control.This means less digging and more enjoying.Perfect for your home kitchen, the office or even as secondary unit in the garage.Features include tempered sliding glass doors with coated trim.

  Additionally this upright showcase comes with a bottom drain with plug for easy cleaning and defrost.It should be spacious enough to showcase several kinds of food and upright showcase.