Juice Chiller, Upright Showcase


  We are committed to producing professional high quali […]

  We are committed to producing professional high quality ice cream showcase to meet different customer needs.It is a ice cream showcase full of cold, whose simplicity and overall visibility are the result.A beverage cooler differs from a regular refrigerator because its layout is specifically designed and optimized for storing bottles and cans.

  Developed using latest technology support so as to provide for reliable work performance.We have been successful in meeting the necessities of our esteemed patrons in the industry.Glass top freezers are designed to keep hand-dipped ice cream, gelato, custards, and frozen novelties at their optimal serving temperature.

  Optional electric defrosting heating wire can be installed inside the glass layer of the upright showcase.Which can be used as upright showcase, juice chiller, Upright Showcase.The use of advanced air duct structure, faster cooling, the cabinet temperature uniformity.

  The door of the upright showcase is double-layer vacuumed glass doors. Streamline design, beautiful and elegant appearance;Height glass design, a thorough display of goods;The large capacity design, making the store more food.