Lacking A Glass Top Freezer


  If a spilled liquid gets between the glass and the sh […]

  If a spilled liquid gets between the glass and the shelf above the fruit & vegetable drawers, it may be necessary to remove the glass for cleaning.This type of China visi cooler is a good solution for storing food in a reach-in longer than usual, especially in establishments lacking a Glass Top Freezer.

  The easy-to-use manual temperature controller with light-up indicators lets you know the status of the machine, and wire-coated baskets provide organization.Besides ice cream, glass top freezers can merchandise packaged frozen foods, such as bagged vegetables and frozen meals.One epoxy-coated wire storage basket included.

  Their sliding glass doors allow customers to view the selections without opening the compartment.We have glass top freezer available from two of the most respected brands in commercial freezing today.

  Self-Service glass top freezer is ideal for ice cream, frozen novelties and pre-packaged frozen products. Tempered glass sliding lids with door locks.Glass top freezer you can see all the items inside without opening the lid.Perfect for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of overhead or vertical storage space, commercial Glass Top Freezer are a great way to store a variety of frozen products.