Made With The Best Materials,Ice Cream Showcase


  We continue to offer state-of- the Ice Cream Showcase […]

  We continue to offer state-of- the Ice Cream Showcase that are sure to increase sales and that are offered at competitive pricing.And other imported top-grade accessories. The fully enclosed ice cream showcase is characterized by high efficiency.Let the temperature no longer loss, said the ice cream fragrance, tender, slippery, more energy saving!

  From whatever viewpoint, the beverage cooler to float suspended in a cloud of light that can change colour and intensity at will. This same light seems to lift the entire display case off the ground, thanks to the backlit base that reduces in size from top to bottom.Which can meet your needs for displaying ice cream.Low consumption, and low noise.In general, it can provide elegance and beauty to the environment with much lower investment.

  7 smart temperature control system from weak to strong cold can be adjusted.Its depth of only one metre is a record for a professional upright showcase with double evaporator.Activity design can share offer support, will change and adjust plate, the appearance shares more upscale luxurious.Three layers of thickened hollow tempered glass, triple protection.Refrigerator are engineered to meet the demands of our customers while also providing the “wow factor” through different modern and sleek designs.