More Than Just Commercial Appliance


Where are the high quality commercial appliance? In Che […]

Where are the high quality commercial appliance? In Chenjia Electric Appliances in Ningbo. Come to Chenjia, you can find high-quality commercial appliance, we produce many products, not only commercial appliance, but also ice cream showcases, Visi coolers and household appliances. If you are interested in our products, please contact Chenjia Electric.

Dependable services all forms of commercial kitchen appliances in all residential, commercial & industrial settings, including: restaurants, commercial kitchens, non-profit soup kitchens, churches, medical & educational facilities, grocery stores, employee break rooms, convenience stores, gas stations, or any other home or business that utilizes Commercial Kitchen Appliances.

We can help you decide what kind of appliance you need, help you secure it at the best possible price, and handle all your installation needs. We also install if you already have purchased your commercial kitchen appliance.