Offer Ice Cream Showcase With Embossed


  Ice cream showcase are designed to keep hand-dipped i […]

  Ice cream showcase are designed to keep hand-dipped ice cream and frozen novelties at their optimal serving temperature.Commercial ice cream showcase are especially useful for back of the house storage. We also offer Ice Cream Showcase with embossed aluminum interiors and high-quality polyurethane insulation to keep your frozen treats cold and delicious.

  Many of these merchandisers come with interior racks or baskets for efficient organization of different treats.Choose from our selection or let one of our helpful foodservice professionals assist you.Go ahead stock up your beverage cooler with your favorite frozen food while confident that they will stay perfectly frozen fresh until you need them. 

  The ice cream showcase offers the perfect blend between elegance and durability.The most common use of a deep freezer for restaurants is the ice cream showcase, which merchandises packaged ice cream and frozen novelties.Besides ice cream, beverage cooler can merchandise packaged frozen foods.

  This beverage cooler keeps your foods frozen at the proper temperature, prolonging their shelf life while at the same time maximizing sales potential.