•                        Chenjia Beverage Cooler-high Product Visibility

    Chenjia Beverage Cooler-high Product Visibility

    A wine cooler and a beverage center are built very similarly in the fact that the temperature controls, while they are accurate, don’t have to be spot on because they’re concerned about the temperatur...

    Dec 09,2019 Industry News
  •                        Chenjia Upright Showcase-high Product Visibility

    Chenjia Upright Showcase-high Product Visibility

      The Upright Showcase include Static Direct Cooling Refrigerator Showcase, Enforced Air Fan Cooling Refrigerator Showcase & Fan Direct Cooling Refrigerator Showcase.Static direct cooling type upr...

    Dec 12,2019 Industry News
  •                        Chenjia Beverage Cooler-refrigeration Holding Capacity

    Chenjia Beverage Cooler-refrigeration Holding Capacity

      They’re either under counter beverage centers, wine coolers or refrigerators and they are all built for very different things. A wine cooler and a beverage center are built very similarly in the fac...

    Dec 16,2019 Industry News
  •                        Visi Cooler Has Many Advantages

    Visi Cooler Has Many Advantages

      Visi coolers feature clear glass doors and interior lighting for a beautiful presentation of beverages and refrigerated and frozen food. Our coolers and freezers are available in various sizes and c...

    Dec 16,2019 Industry News
  •                        Frequently Used China Home Appliance

    Frequently Used China Home Appliance

    China is now one of the biggest home appliance markets globally. We will focus more on the domestic market and its demands for healthy and creative lifestyles.For Chinese home appliance companies, fut...

    Jan 06,2020 Industry News
  •                        Commercial Appliance With Low Power Consumption

    Commercial Appliance With Low Power Consumption

    It’s understandable that every small business owner’s dream is to enter the major league.However, there’s a catch; you should be fully aware of as a restaurant owner.As a proud business owner, you wil...

    Jan 06,2020 Industry News