Super Power Saver,Upright Showcase


  And other places looking for high-quality upright sho […]

  And other places looking for high-quality upright showcase. Almost all Italian cities are filled with Upright Showcase.Concur with our company to elaborate and to realize complex plans of high technological content in according to the requirements of our customers.Pure copper tube evaporator, with fast refrigeration speed and stable and uniform cooling capacity, is an ideal equipment for merchants to display their goods.

  Definitely a must-have for you business or daily life!Thanks to the transparent glass panels, these boxes protect your food from air pollution while maintaining full visibility.We offer an glass top freezer online sale service, you can use the glass top freezer for your business.The use of advanced refrigeration technology, and the concept of environmental protection is perfectly integrated together.

  Using cold air streaming technology, cooling fast, cool air evenly, preservation effect is strong.To meet the different temperature requirements of different seasons in different regions.And keep the product within the safe eating temperature range of a dessert store, restaurant or convenience store.Special lamps of glass top freezer highlight the colors of ice cream and gelato, attracting visual attention even at great distances.