Upright Showcase, With Controller


  The door of the upright showcase is double-layer vacu […]

  The door of the upright showcase is double-layer vacuumed glass doors.Upright Showcase, with controller can adjustat the temperature easily.The use of advanced air duct structure, faster cooling, the cabinet temperature uniformity.

  Made of aluminum and tempered glass you have a upright showcase for your merchandise.Moreover an inside glasses resistance system is provided to keep the front glass clear from annoy mist.

  Using cold air streaming technology, cooling fast, cool air evenly, preservation effect is strong.Let the temperature no longer loss, said the ice cream fragrance.Reinforced tail wire fixed wheel, non-slip, wear-resistant and higher stability.

  We are the best price, best quality for your service, we look forward to working with you for your cooperation.Coated steel inner, health, beautiful and clean.This type of chiller or cooler is ideal for multiple application areas like convenience store.Available in freezer, refrigerated, ambient or heated versions.