Upright Showcase,Cooling Fast, Cool Air Evenly


  Using cold air streaming technology, cooling fast, co […]

  Using cold air streaming technology, cooling fast, cool air evenly, preservation effect is strong.Sliding door with wheels that can be easily pushed open, thickened with glass edges to make the door not easily deformed.

  Enjoy the world of dynamic cooling, and offer a holistically refreshing taste to your customers.We understand the importance of displaying food and beverages in the best possible manner, and take this into account in all stages of Upright Showcase.

  The door of the upright showcase is double-layer vacuumed glass doors.Upright showcases are an innovative power-saving consumer-bound equipment super cooling retention and capacity.

  In a very short span of time, we have been able to carve a niche of excellence in the market place for ourselves. We are China refrigerator manufacturer.

  In order to achieve such high goals we attentively segment markets, design and build elaborate products, continuously introduce diverse products to meet the current demand of customers changing every time the market blows.