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 Changer Countertop Display CW-200

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Changer Countertop Display CW-200

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Product Details

  • Standard Configuration
  • Specification
    Capacity-Gross 200L/7.0c.f.
    Temperature range 0-12℃(32-53.6℉)
    Refrigerant R134a/ R290
    Climate 4
    Overall Dimension 1219×568×686mm
    Package Dimension 1290×627×735mm
    20" Container 39
    40" Container (high) 84
    Standard Features
    Brilliant Internal LED illumination on 2 sides Digital temperature controller and display
    Adjustable PVC coated shelves 4 sides double tempered glass
    Front Curved glass Sliding doors at back
    Maintenance free condenser Ventilated cooling system
    Automatic defrost
    Adjustable chrome plated shelves

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