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 Changer Open Display CF-250

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Changer Open Display CF-250

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Product Details

  • Standard Configuration
  • Specification
    Capacity-Gross 250L/8.8c.f.
    Temperature range 2-10°C (35.6-50°F) 
    Refrigerant R404a/ R290
    Climate 6
    Overall Dimension 610x754x1704mm 
    Package Dimension 691x830x1890mm
    20" Container 21
    40" Container (high) 44
    Standard Features
    Brilliant Internal LED lighting on top and under each shelf Digital temperature controller and display
    4 Castors with 2 brakes Double tempered glass
    With night curtain Ventilated cooling system
    Automatic defrost Filter mesh in front of the base
    Adjustable shelves Condensation water evaporated automatically
    Condensator at back side, free maintenance
    Brilliant Internal LED illumination on sides Top light box with LED

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