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Changer Single door Refrigerator BD-230

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Changer Single door Refrigerator BD-230

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Product Details

  • Standard Configuration
  • Specification
    Capacity(L) 230
    Freezer Volume(L) 34
    Temperature ≤ -9℃
    Climate N/ST/T
    Refrigerant R600a/R134a
    Approval CE,CB
    Net W*D*H(mm) 520x540x1360mm
    Packing W*D*H(mm) 580x580x1375mm
    Loading Quantity 40′HC 146(without base)
    144(with base)
    Standard Features
    Small, big. Low noise operation, quiet preservation.
    Intimate design, ingenious quality. Temperature control multi gear adjustment
    Microcellular foam is long and fresh. Double width design, stable operation
    Environmental protection refrigerant, energy saving and environmental protection

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